How's your day going? I'm Pat!

My name is Patrick Mehlbaum, and I'm an 18-year-old freshman at RIT, majoring in Computing Security. I enjoy tinkering around with code (which is pretty much all of this website!) along with working on webapps, learning new things, and generally getting through school!

Some of my projects!

Login Script (PHP)

Login script for PHP/MySQL explaining salts with hashing.

Diffie-Hellman Example (JS)

Shows how a Diffie-Hellman key exchange takes place, along with the math to prove it. Mainly made as an introduction to the math behind it. Front-end in Bootstrap.

Audio Visualizer (p5.js)

Audio visualizer made during my first foray into p5.js.

Axes Calculator (JS)

A simple script I wrote to help me calculating axes' scales, mainly for Chemistry graphs. Allows for per-block calculation, as well as multiple block intervals. Front-end is Bootstrap.

Appeer (PHP/Electron)

Webapp using Electron written in PHP, made for TSA State Competition, allows management for students and teachers of scholastic and activity periods.

HW-Host (PHP)

A website I developed as a test to my skills, supports file uploads, error reporting, registration confirmation, along with salting and hashing passwords, using prepared SQL statements.

POS System (PHP)

POS system, with checkout, stock/inventory, transaction logs, user management, and analytics. Made for school's concession stand.