Hello! Pleasure meeting you. I'm Pat!

My name's Pat, and I'm a 22-year-old studying cybersecurity. I've been developing full-stack (w/ a focus on front-end) for over 8 years, and frequently work in PHP and Node.js. Check out some of my projects or don't, but either way have a great day!

I'm currently working on a rewrite of this site, it's so flippin' old - I'm working on implementing something with a headless CMS but we'll see how that goes...

Some of my projects!

POS System (PHP)

POS system, with checkout, stock/inventory, transaction logs, user management, and analytics. Made for and sold to Pennridge School District for use in concession stands.

LabOps | Inventory (Angular, TypeScript, PHP)

Fully-fledged inventory management system written for Golisano College (RIT). Handles over 5000 rentable/loanable items to student and faculty - daily. Database designed and controlled with TypeORM (TypeScipt). Developed into a docker stack for easy replication & deployment. Images have been modified to hide sensitive info.

Appeer (PHP/Electron)

Webapp using Electron written in PHP, made for TSA State Competition, allows management for students and teachers of scholastic and activity periods.

HW-Host (PHP)

A website I developed as a test to my skills, supports file uploads, error reporting, registration confirmation, along with salting and hashing passwords, using prepared SQL statements.

Login Script (PHP)

Login script for PHP/MySQL explaining salts with hashing.

ShoreThingRentals, LLC. (HTML)

Linktree-like landing page for ShoreThingRentals, LLC. Made to be mobile friendly.

Diffie-Hellman Example (JS)

Shows how a Diffie-Hellman key exchange takes place, along with the math to prove it. Mainly made as an introduction to the math behind it. Front-end in Bootstrap.

Audio Visualizer (p5.js)

Audio visualizer made during my first foray into p5.js.

Axes Calculator (JS)

A simple script I wrote to help me calculating axes' scales, mainly for Chemistry graphs. Allows for per-block calculation, as well as multiple block intervals. Front-end is Bootstrap.